About Verronica Kirei, Traveling Model

Color photo of Verronica Kirei laying on holographic floor

Born and raised in Portland Oregon, Verronica Kirei is an all natural experienced traveling model and actress. Verronica started their modeling & acting journey in 2010. While attending University to pursue a degree in Business Marketing. Having dreams of being in fashion, art school just didn’t provide the education that Verronica was seeking. So a different route was taken. Although studying for business didn’t provide the creative outlet that art school did, it did provide the desired education. Modeling was the creative outlet and the chance to immerse oneself into the land of fashion that Verronica needed.

Traveling started early on for Verronica Kirei. Turning into full time as soon as they graduated. Being able to work with many amazing photographers domestically and some internationally. A wonderful career blossomed for Verronica Kirei. Specializing in everything from fashion to fetish! Creating more art than one can count and gaining multiple magazine & book publications. There was always something missing though…

Beginning of covid marked a change for everyone. Life was moved indoors and new opportunities came to fruition. Verronica Kirei was able to put their 20 years designing and sewing experience to finally create House of Iridescence. A handmade clothing, jewelry, accessories, and housewares brand. The plan Verronica had from the beginning was becoming a reality!

A new year and a new journey, modeling and designing is a dream come true. Verronica Kirei is able to combine both passions now.

In their spare time, Verronica enjoys making miniatures, eating delicious foods, dancing, going to music shows, reading, being outdoors, learning new things, watching movies/tv shows, and going on adventures.

You can find Verronica Kirei still traveling for modeling (check travel schedule!) and attending local pop ups for House of Iridescence.

Some Fun Facts About Verronica Kirei, Traveling Model:

Traveled to 15 countries, the oldest child of three, double jointed fingers, has 4 tattoos and 4 piercings, used to play the flute in middle school, has statues of their figure in Minneapolis and San Francisco, and has a siamese cat named Ziggy!